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Creative Teen DBT Group

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Unleash Your Creativity and Learn DBT Strategies!

Welcome to Our Creative Teen DBT Group!


Is your Teen creative and looking for a supportive community to use their imagination  while developing essential life skills? Look no further! Our Creative Teen DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Group is here to provide a safe and nurturing environment for Teens, ages 14 -, like yours, to express themselves, learn valuable coping strategies, and connect with peers who share similar interests and experiences.


What is DBT?


DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is a type of therapy that combines elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with concepts of mindfulness and acceptance. It was originally developed to help individuals struggling with emotion dysregulation, but it has since been adapted to address a wide range of mental health challenges.


Why Creativity?


Creativity has the power to heal, inspire, and empower. For teens navigating the ups and downs of adolescence, creative expression can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and emotional regulation. By tapping into their creativity, they can learn to channel their emotions in healthy and productive ways, while also building confidence and self-esteem.


What to Expect


In our Creative Teen DBT Group, you can expect a combination of therapeutic activities and creative exercises designed to help your Teen develop important DBT skills such as:

1. Mindfulness: Learn to stay present in the moment and cultivate awareness of        

    thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

2. Emotion Regulation: Explore strategies for identifying, understanding, and 

    managing emotions in healthy ways.

3. Distress Tolerance: Build resilience and coping skills to navigate difficult situations

    and overwhelming emotions.

4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Enhance communication skills and develop healthy 

    relationships with peers and caregivers.


In addition to DBT skills training, your Teen will have the opportunity to engage in various creative activities such as:

- Art Therapy: Expression through painting, drawing, collage, or other art forms.
- Creative Writing: Explore thoughts and feelings through journaling, poetry, or


Join Us Today!


Whether your Teen is an aspiring artist, writer, musician, or simply someone who enjoys getting creative, our Creative Teen DBT Group welcomes them with open arms. Your Teen will connect with peers, learn valuable life skills, and unleash their 

creativity in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.


For more information or to sign up for our group sessions, please click the link in the box below!

—Pngtree—blue paint splash graffiti_3883944.png
—Pngtree—blue paint splash graffiti_3883944.png

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*Please note, we do not have Admin/Reception staff to speak with walk-ins.

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