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Kayla Quirk

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A Little Bit About Kayla...

I grew up in a coastal town on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I am the daughter of high school sweethearts. I have one older sister, who now fortunately lives right across the street from me! She very graciously provided me with my 1-year-old nephew; he is my tiny best friend. I am a dog mom to my beloved Staffordshire Terrier puppy, Kemba, who is deservingly treated like a human child. Yes, he is named after the UConn basketball player, thanks to his Dad. I have a passion for traveling, I find it healing to be immersed in various cultures, specifically meeting people and learning from their values and perspectives. As for the day-to-day, I love spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants, music, laughing, yoga, and being near the ocean. I have a completely ridiculous sense of humor, and make an effort to practice optimism and gratitude daily.


Why Did You Become a Therapist?

I have always known that I wanted to be in a profession that helped
other people. I have been known to stick up for the underdog
throughout my life. I used to come home crying when I was little over my classmates’ issues, that had absolutely nothing to with me. I can vividly remember my mother empathetically commenting on this reaction, stating, “you really cannot stand to see other  people upset”. There is no greater joy to me than empowering other people to become the best version of themselves. I have a fascination for the connection between lived experiences, to current thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I find purpose in identifying creative solutions and skills to alleviate suffering. The mental health stigma really grinds my gears. I believe that mental health is equally as important as physical health; after all, the brain is an essential organ, right?



  • Bachelors in Psychology from University of Massachusetts at Boston

  • Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling from University of Massachusetts at Boston

  • Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor #LMHC10000779


Relevant Previous Experience:

  • Individual Therapist at South Bay Community Services

  • Inpatient Clinician at High Point Hospital

  • Residential Adolescent Clinician at Bay State Community Services

  • Clinician at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

  • Clinical Team Leader at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health


Random fun facts about me:

  • I once tested positive for COVID in Jamaica, and as a result almost missed my sister’s wedding (I was the Maid of Honor)

  • 90s hip hop fanatic

  • Avid foodie

  • I am a homebody


Best Goal:  

Happiness, and simplicity.

Best Habit:

Changing into pajamas the second I get home.

Best Legal Route to Joy:


Best Flaw:

I can sleep soundly through any noise (it’s concerning, has the potential to be actually dangerous).

Best Accomplishment: 

Earning a Master’s Degree while adamantly refusing to do any
homework on the weekends.

Best Motto:

Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you
concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever, have enough.

Best Under-Appreciated Skill: 

Finding the silver lining in anything.

Words People Use
to Describe Kayla

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Does Kayla sound like the right fit for you?

720 Washington Street

Hanover, MA 02339

944 Washington St.

South Easton, MA 02375

Tel: 781-924-7171

Fax: 855-230-5758

*Please note, we do not have Admin/Reception staff to speak with walk-ins.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
~Maya Angelou


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